>>>Zebra ZT410 600DPI Printhead Thermal Print Head P1058930-011

Zebra ZT410 600DPI Printhead Thermal Print Head P1058930-011

Type: Printhead


Model: ZT410 600DPI

Part NO.:P1058930-011

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General Info:

  • Product Type:Printer Printhead
  • Brand Name:Zebra
  • Product Name:ZT410 600DPI Printhead
  • Packaged Quantity:1

Compatibility:Zebra ZT410 600DPI Label Printer

Type:   Printhead


Model:  ZT410 600DPI

Part NO.:P1058930-011

The print head is the most fragile and fragile device in a printer. It is a consumable product like a car and will eventually be damaged Careful maintenance can extend the life of the print head.

For best results, clean the print head every time you use a roll of ribbon or a roll of thermal paper.

Note when cleaning the print head Take off the ring to prevent the print head from being scratched, and use a grounded metal strap or anti-static pad to prevent the print head from being damaged by static electricity.

You can use a cotton swab soaked in 70% alcohol, first turn off the printer and turn on the print head.

Use a small amount of cotton cloth to brush the mechanical part of the printer, or gently blow away dust (such as: rollers, paper tape sensors and print heads). Do not use any hard metal or abrasive tools (such as screwdrivers) to grind the contamination of the print head.

Use a cotton swab with alcohol to press it on the print head and wipe it from the bottom to the bottom. Then rotate the roller and wipe it with the roller. Do not use the cotton swab when it is dirty.

Factors that cause premature damage to the print head Scratching-Long-term movement of the label tape through the print head will wear away the protective layer of the ceramic coating, causing the print head pins (dots) to be exposed and eventually damaged.

  • Clean the print head frequently and use a high-quality, smooth, back-coated thermal transfer ribbon to reduce friction.
  • Minimize print head pressure and print temperature.
  • Make sure the ribbon width is wider than the label to prevent the exposed print head from being scratched by the label.

After the print head is contaminated with thermal paper and thermal transfer ribbon, high settings such as high temperature, high pressure, and high speed are required. Contaminants accumulate on the printhead needles and cause heat transfer obstacles to affect the amounts of printed images. Increased pollution gradually reduces print quality and looks matte or damages the print needles. Contaminants make it difficult to clean the wet cotton swabs.

  • It is necessary to use a thermal transfer ribbon that has been protected by a backing layer. This ribbon should refer to a non-sticky ribbon, which also has a function of dissipating static electricity and being more lubricating.
  • Do print head maintenance frequently.

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