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These printers of barcode printer manufacturers are very popular in the market

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The barcode printer manufacturer is a common working printer, with industrial-grade quality, not limited by the amount of printing, and can print 24 hours a day. It can print PET, coated paper, thermal paper self-adhesive labels, as well as synthetic materials such as polyester and PVC, and washed label fabrics, which cannot be achieved by [...]

About China scanners and production workshops

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About China scanners and production workshops As we all know, products made in China are well-received around the world, and so are our barcode scanners. Concise workshop, standardized production process, strict production system, high-quality product line,We do our best to provide customers with quality products. These are the real workshop pictures of our made-in-China scanner [...]

ZT600 Series RFID Industrial Printers

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ZT600 Series RFID Industrial Printers STRONG, SMART AND SCALABLE RFID ENCODING ZT600 Series printers combine industrial durability and user-friendly features with future-proof adaptability — including a factory- or field-installable RFID encoder — to meet your evolving needs for years to come. Learn More  INDUSTRIES  Manufacturing  Transportation  Healthcare USED FOR Shipping and Receiving Work-in-Progress Tracking Document [...]

About PuYoung

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Guangdong PuYoung Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. PuYoung focusing on barcode printing and barcode scanningfor 12 years, is a professional supplier of Printheads, Scanner, Mainboard, Roller, Sensor, Belt, Network card and Motor etc. products in printer accessories service area. We have OEM service, Excellent Sales Teams, Sufficient Stock, Fast Deliveryand Quick Response Service. Furthermore, we have long-term cooperated with well-known brands, including ZEBRA, TSC, HONEYWELL and NEWLAND etc.. You have placed your trust [...]


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CHOOSE THE MATERIAL, SIZE AND FEATURES With over 300 pre-tested solutions and extensive customization capabilities, Zebra can create a custom label or tag to meet the exact requirements of your application. Custom capabilities include: Custom sizes and shapes Preprinted text, graphics and logos Up to 12 water-based colors and 8 UV colors Front and backside [...]

New breakthroughs in the printer industry

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On the morning of July 23, the first Intelligent Technology Innovation and Development Summit Forum opened in Shenzhen. The theme of the forum is "Smart Leading the Future, Innovative Development", co-sponsored by Lenovo Image and Fenghuangwang Finance. In 1976, the first modern inkjet printer came out. After 43 years of development, printers have become increasingly [...]

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