On the morning of July 23, the first Intelligent Technology Innovation and Development Summit Forum opened in Shenzhen. The theme of the forum is “Smart Leading the Future, Innovative Development”, co-sponsored by Lenovo Image and Fenghuangwang Finance.

In 1976, the first modern inkjet printer came out. After 43 years of development, printers have become increasingly important in office and daily life, becoming an indispensable partner for people in today’s society. However, paper jams have always been a major “slot” and pain point of modern printers.

With the holding of the 2019 Intelligent Technology Innovation and Development Summit Forum, a shocking news came out inside and outside the industry: printer jams-an industry pain point that has existed for more than 40 years-will be ended in August 2019.

Lenovo Image held a new product launch conference that afternoon, officially pushing the brand-new Leadimage 100 series printing products to the stage, pushing the forum to another climax.

“During the research and development process, we took the lead in reducing the paper jam rate to 1 in 30,000, printing and copying 20,000 pages without paper jams, and having a wide range of climate adaptability, which solved the most problematic problems of users and improved the user experience. “No longer jammed, it became the biggest explosion point of Lenovo’s image collar like 100 series products.